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October 6, 2017

June 16, 2017

June 12, 2017

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September 22, 2018

Filtering shower water is one simple and relatively inexpensive step that can make a big difference in reducing chlorine and other chemical exposure in the home. ... Using a simple shower filter or bath dechlorinator is an easy way to remove chlorine and other harmful...

December 10, 2017

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There was a time when I thought shower filters were merely gimmicks for health freaks and women with very delicate hair and skin. Reading about various research findings changed my mind. Studies found that filtering your shower...

October 13, 2017

  1.  The EPA has stated that every household in the United States has elevated levels of chloroform in the air due to chlorine released from showering water.

  2. Tap water often contains at least as much, if not more, chlorine than is recommended for use in swimming p...

October 6, 2017

Water is the Driving Force of all Nature.

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