Multistage Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

  • Unlike a traditional shower head, which leaves all of the chlorine, minerals and toxins in the water, this water filter replacement cartridge leaves you clean and fresh from a truly filtered shower. Your baby is precious and you will want to use soft water on their delicate skin. Improves Hair and Skin.

  • This universally mounted filtering system is made up of a multistage filtration and water treatment system, in a small contained unit, each containing unique properties which, combined, will remove chlorine, lead, bacteria, rust, iron, heavy metals providing healthier and cleaner water for you and your family.

  • Your provided a Video on how to install the Purity Zone Shower Water Filter. Your provided personal customer service also. Easy to Install to shower head. 1 Shower Filter refill cartridge for 6 months worth of filtering. Works with Dual, Rainfall and Handheld Shower Systems.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - This replacement filter is backed by an 2 year Free Replacement Warranty. 100% money back guarantee without any condition. Reliable Customer Service.

  • Sensitive to the Toxins in your water? Purity Zone is the solution to cleaner water. Get rid of Chlorine and other impurities by filtering your water with this shower filter solution.