Reviews - Multi Stage Shower Filter

  • Love the difference it makes on the way the water feels. Don't itch anymore! Kindle Customer

  • Very good filter shower. Works like it is supposed too and easy to install. I have very hard well water and this does wonders on filtering. I have already ordered another one. One filter lasts about 6 months depending on how many showers are taken. Get two filters to a box one box will last about a year. Love this product. J.C.

  • Love this filter. Installed in about 5 minutes. After following directions to run water through it before first use, I was eager to try it. I immediately noticed a difference in my hair and skin. I am a skeptic by nature but was not disappointed! I live in the northeast with very hard water. Great product, does not disappoint. W. 

  • I bought this shower filter for my shower. Was easy to install good value priced. Makes your skin & hair feel rinsed off instead of laying on your skin. I also use a sulfate free shampoo & conditioner which helps your hair dye stay longer in between haircuts. Filters chlorine & many other things so your skin is soft. R.

  • Being in south Texas my water is extremely hard. This changed my life! My skin and hair got softer. I don’t get split ends on my hair as much anymore and my hair got its natural shin back. My skin softened and cleared up. I don’t need to moisturize nearly as much. Paige

  • Very good product . I like it good luck . Thank you. William

  • Works great! Water is softer and feels great on your skin and hair. I’ve had it installed for 2 weeks now and notice a huge difference especially with my hair. Mariam

  • One night, my girlfriend came out of shower feeling itchy and found spots of redness on her face. She changed her shampoo, facial cleanser, and makeup remover, but she still got symptoms of allergy after shower. Our suspicion finally landed on the water. We knew that water in California was hard, and we found online that people can be allergic to hard water. So we bought the product. Since we installed the filter, she never get those allergic symptoms after shower. I would totally recommend it to my friends who don't feel comfortable with the water. H.S.

  • I am on well water and this makes my water much softer. Love it! D.S.

  • I bought this shower water filter because I was disgusted with the amount of dirt and sediment that had accumulated inside my kitchen water filter. I thought if I don't want to drink or cook with this filth, I certainly don't want to wash my body and hair, or brush my teeth with this water. This water filter has given me the peace of mind that I needed to feel that I am actually clean after taking a shower and brushing my teeth. And maybe it's just me, but my water feels softer. Phew! Frena

  • Easy to install, hair feels softer and cleaner. Megan

  • I currently reside in MI where the water is unreasonably hard. I wanted to make sure that the water coming through my drain would be gentle and kind to my hair and skin and this is it. Within a month's time I've noticed a significant difference in my hair and skin. This purchase is the best investment I've made thus far. F.D.

  • I have hard water which gave me dandruff. I've been using this filter for about a month and my skin is softer and my dandruff is gone. I recommend this product for anyone that has tried everything else. J.

  • We feel so fresh and clean now after every shower. I'm getting one for every bathroom now. P.R.

  • The packaging was nice and the product took minutes to install. Very easy and effortless. Our water seems very clean and my hair felt a lot softer after it dried which was nice. Great product! B.R.

  • I really love this filter. I miss the whole house filter I had in my last place so this is just what I needed to make my showers feel clean again. It's also great peace of mind to know that my family and myself are not being subjected to the harsh county water and that our showers are cleansing and non-toxic.  R.L.

  • Feels good to have nice and clean water to shower with! I can't really feel much of a difference but I know that it is a lot better than without it. My hair feels softer, so that is something! And also, the water has a lot more pressure now than before. Thank you, now my shower is much higher quality for my skin and body! :) Y.A.

  • I bought this product as I didn't want a chemical bath every time I took a shower. The first thing I liked about it was that the unit was easy to understand and simple to install. The components appear to be of good quality and the head produces a nice, enjoyable spray. The results were more than worth the affordable price. I feel cleaner, my skin isn't as dry afterwards, and my hair comes out softer, shinier, and fuller. It's easier on the tub, too, requiring less cleanup. D.H.

  • Very impressed with quality and ease of the installation. Feeling very good that my family is getting clean and healthy water. A.C.

  • Great Product!!!!! Super easy to install. It even came with a role of plumbers tape. After using it for 10 days my wife says her skin is softer and her hair is shinny. It don't have a lot of hair left, but I do have a slight case of psoriasis and I have noticed an improvement. We also like the fact we are not spraying our self's with chemical filled city water every day. Highly Recommended! N.S.

  • I love the idea of filtering out all the chemicals, it keeps the shower head flowing better.  

  • This product has been great for myself and husband!! I can tell the difference in my skin and hair, my hair was feeling very dried out and looking like straw!! We are very pleased with this product! I can't wait believe the low cost. Thank you. B.C.

  • Excellent seller and I really like this product too. Really glad I purchased this and it was a pleasure dealing with this seller and company. M.K.

  • I was very happy with this product and considerate it money well spent. Since skin is the largest organ in the body I really wanted to eliminate the chlorine and fluoride and this filter seems to do the trick as my water smells better and feels softer. B.C.

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